Tuesday, March 11, 2008


If I'm subjective then I don't see the situation properly, and can't make the appropriate judgement.
However, if I were to be objective, like perhaps you are, then for sure I cannot see the situation properly.
Need I elaborate?
Takke a problemo, don't ya think?

The trick is to be subjective with the advantage of objectivity.
Or the opposite.
Be objective while being the subject.
Is that possible?
Don't know.


next room said...

It's not. That's why the Rebbe said/suggested/begged to get a mashpia.

Mayn rume said...

But to fully get it, you have to "be" it. "The subject" that is.

mendel m doesn't stop texting me said...

well, mashpia is good enough cuz rebbe is behind him/her.

Cactus Plant doesn't stop texting ME said...

Right! (oh we didnt do that in a while)
And what does mashpia say about MMM texting??? No wonder they wanna take it away...