Monday, May 19, 2008

The theme of Pesach Sheini is that it is never too late.

It is always possible to put things right. Even if one was Tamei, or one was far away, and even in a case of Lachem, when this (impurity etc.) was deliberate - nonetheless he
can correct it.

C.M.'s comment:
It's not too late to realize you ain't a benoini.


chava java halava said...

I thought she said 'aren't'.
Also, I would write C.S.
Stam, I knew her from the alte tzeiten...

omgggggggggg someone needs to speak to a therapist!

same wacko kid from above said...

ha!! i just realized the funniness of using those initials :D

running out the door to you know who's house/office said...

oyyyyyyyyyyy i mean C.A.
oy oy oy oy

i'm NOT ruinin your concentration said...

this is fun
didn't do it in a while
yossi and his sis took monopoly for a bit

You know who said...


Arty!!! What have you done to her????