Sunday, August 5, 2007

Zoraya TZEDOKO Schar Emes... Mishlei..

Again, trying to clarifize in my cluttered head.
Bilti muga.

The reward for TZEDOKO is TRUTH.
The reward is TRUTH. ( Not that it's a true reward..)

There are two levels of Ahava,
and two levels of Yirah.

The first level we need to aquire on our own, thru contemplation of Hashem's greatness.
The second level, comes to us as a gift from the Aibershter.

This second level is referred to as "truth", for He is the true Truth.
So the love and fear that come from Him ( as the gift to us) are "truth".

How can we merit this loftier level, "The truth of Hashem" ?
By arousing great compassion by Hashem.
How do we arouse the Supernal compassion from the truth of Hashem?
( C0mpassion for others.)

B'very B'kitzur...
The reward for our acts of Tzedoko, is the TRUTH of Hashem, (one of) which is the higher level of Ahava and Yiro for us.

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