Wednesday, July 9, 2008


A) I still don't wanna go.

B) I asked the big black guy, who was totally bald, (like Paul bald, shiny bald, but now Paul has hair, curly) who was standing in front of the barber shop -
"Did you just get a haircut?"
"No, I'm the barber"

Perhaps should've reminded him to put sunscreen on his head, to prevent burning it...

C) What a pleasure - the neighbours are gone!! Whoo hoo.

D) Splashing "chunky half frozen mixed smoothie chocolate whatever" in your face once is, okay. But twice! That was funny.

E) "How are you?" asks Dr. I.
"I'm fine, till I get here".
"And then you're fine after you leave, right? It's just the time here, huh?"
He knows me.

F) Kandice is camera/phone happy. She keeps sending me pictures. About seventy-nine a day.

G) I still don't wanna go, but I will go. Bezrat Hashem.
I asked the Rebbe to bentch me.

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