Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making G-d's Will, your will.

To accept.
And to be happy.
To FULLY accept and do be TOTALLY happy with what the Aibershter choses for you.
HE, in is Infinite Wisdom decided so.
It is good.
Be at peace with it.

Chalom Chalamti....
We lost her.
Totally lost her. Gone.
I accepted it, as HIS Will.

Then she was found.

I woke up. But the lesson remained.

(Akaidas Yitzchok-
Avrohom fully accepted G-d's Will and made it his own!
Only then he was told, he didn't have to sacrifice his son.)

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the sabra said...

that makes me sad and scared, actually.

(not like the cohen o brian joke though)