Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PRAYER (3) Question

"I've been struggling with my prayers." said the man to his Rabbi. "I find it difficult to motivate myself to pray properly. And sometimes, I just don't find myself in the mood to pray at all. What do you suggest, Rabbi?"

"There will always be times when we aren't in the mood to pray, to learn, or do a mitzvah", the Rabbi began. "One would think that forcing ourselves to do so anyways would result in dry acts, divorced from any real connection to G‑d. But in truth, it is times such as these that really demonstrate our deepest connection with our Father in heaven.

In other words, to do a mitzvah when it's enjoyable and inspiring is fine, but it can be difficult to know whether you're doing it for G‑d or to satisfy your own spiritual needs. But on days when you're not interested... and you do it anyways... think to yourself: "This is for YOU, G‑d!" And G‑d gets incredible satisfaction from such acts!

However, we should find ways to make prayer more meaningful for us.

We may not understand the meanings of the words we utter, but if our prayers are offered with simple faith and total sincerity they are beloved and acceptable.

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mishmum said...

Text from him today after this one:

quote from one of the responses today:
I say it was good cause even I was inspired to do something I otherwise wouldn't have.

So maybe he's trying to send me on a guilt trip for wanting to stop.