Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Regular is about 30.
Hers is about 90-95.
We cannot let it get past 100.
Bracing - we are done with.
Too difficult for her, he thinks.
For now -
We watch it.
And we'll see -
What G-d has planned.


the sabra said...

ooh i wanna see what i have

the sabra said...

same reaction this time around reading

wheres kfir gosh

(is his last name gosh?)
(no, i'm not narish)
(i'm chava)

mishmum said...

How about next time coming with and ask to be checked out.

No, last name not gosh.
Yes, you narish.
Pleased to meet you chava.

the sabra said...


I think it was a Russian last name, actually. Ehhh.

So, am I Narish or Chava? Can't be both.

mishmum said...

Both. Chava Narish.

the sabra said...

Last week you gave me a different middle name.

Hi Daovid. (and to the rest of your clan. heehee)

the sabra said...

k i better stop.