Friday, September 4, 2009

One of the elder פאפא חסידים was born and raised in a small city in Hungary, and being very smart, it was necessary for his parents to put extra effort in sheltering him from all secular influences. However, secretly, the child joined a group of משכילים and slowly drifted away from אידישקייט. Eventually, his parents threw him out of the house, to prevent him from influencing the rest of his family. He went to learn in the local gymnasium and was very successful, so his professor advised him to continue his studies in the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris. He was happy to go to a new place where he would not be embarrassed of his family and townspeople, and no one would know that he's a איד. On his first day in Sorbonne, while walking to his classroom, he was shocked to see a חסידישע yungerman with a beard and peyos approaching him.
The yungerman asked him, "תפילין האסטו שוין
היינט געלייג?" (Did you put on תפילין today?) Shocked, he remained speechless. Before he had a chance to get back to himself, the yungerman took hold of him and said, "נישט קשה, מיר לייגן מיט אסאך
אידן תפילין, וועלן מיר לייגן מיט אייך אויך." ("It's okay, we put on
תפילין with many אידן, so we'll put on with you as well") He pulled out a pair of תפילין and put it on with him. Every single day the yungerman came to put on תפילין with him, until he brought him to
תשובה שלימה. The פאפא חסיד concluded, "The yungerman was none other than the ליובאוויטשער רבי

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