Monday, November 2, 2009

"Your last memory of someone who once mattered to you, should not be one of disappointment and hurt.
People should be able to reclaim the moments when they mattered to each other. It is worth the risk of rejection to try and do this."


the sabra said...

dont see how the last line fits in
ya i know, no point in writing here cuz you dont answer me anyhow

the sabra said...

did u see how funny i am??
or u weren't subscribed to comments there?

the sabra said...

u used to blog A LOT more.
did u stop cuz more ppl reading?

mishmum said...

I did respond to your first comment, didn't i?
I didn't really see how funny you are. Of course I get the comments straight to me email.

I know I used to blog more. Vos ken ich ton? I'm not really sure why not. Maybe a combination of things. Oh well.