Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mayn Random STAMs

If you have to tell them to buy you flowers then then you might as well buy them yourself.
It's when it's his pleasure, his shtick, then it's appreciated.

Don't look startled when you encounter another human being as you exit (or enter) an elevator - there is bound to be someone there. Trust me on this one.

Even if you don't check - dust will still collect under your bed.
Balls (regular ones, not only dust ones) and tissues too.
Sometimes other stuff too.
SOO, good idea to sweep.

If someone says, "I'm not well", be it physically, spiritually or emotionally, how much you would like to ignore that, don't - it's not nice.

Pondering -
Why does it disturb me when I hear you are cleaning for Pesach now!!?
Is it like when you start preparing for Shabbos on Wednesday? I mean it's nice and all to think Shabbos a whole week, but then to me that means not only am I busy with it on Friday but Wed. and Thurs. too. They claim that then their Fridays are calmer, so by me Wed. and Thurs. are calmer.
I don't get this concept.
From Chanuka till Pesach you are busy with Pesach!
Ya then what? Will you start or finish Pesach earlier then me?
Like my neighbour, she starts putting away her Pesach on chol Hamoed...
Okay, whatever...

And as the saying here goes;
When in Rome do without.

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