Monday, February 25, 2008

Vat's been happening to me?

Okay, I think it's getting to me.
This is the 11th day.
Till now I guess I didn't think much about it.
It was what it was and zehu.
NOW, it's kzat scaring me.
Well, not really scaring like, "Oh I'm so scared, frightened".
More like, "Uh oh, am I gonna get out of this?"
And I'm worried that this should not turn into
some physicological issue.
Oy. Chas V'sholom.

Very weak.
Not depressed, (don't worry Ms. or is it Mrs. A. Wish.)
I know, because I very much enjoyed the cake.
Depressed people don't enjoy, cake or anything.

My bed became my haven.
My city.
THE place to be.
Boruch Hashem, for the stomach-top.

I think - oh that's a good thing -
tomorrow I should force myself to venture out.
We'll see.

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