Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Was wondering....

Is this how it is with us?

We complain life is hard, no parnosso, the cow ain't givin' enough milk, we are sick etc...
The Aibershter says,
"You want out of golus?
I love you SO much, here is the solution, the end to your troubles -
Do my mitzvahs! Connect to me!"
And we continue with our song, we are tired, we are sick ....
The Aibershter says,
"Idiot! Listen to me, open your eyes! Give more Tzedoko! Learn more Torah!"
And we just don't get it. We still continue with our kvetching and then we beg to be left alone. We don't want to bother to truly truly understand what the Aibershter wants from us...
The Aibershter says,
"Mayn keend, Listen to me, I love you. I want to be close to you and when you will meditate and understand what I am asking of you, you will be so happy and relieved. But until then just 'do it' for you need to trust me that it will make your life easier."
And we stuff our ears up and close our eyes and say,
"What? What? what can you possibly say to make us feel better?"

And life goes on.
We krechtzing, yet saying it's okay. Pretending golus is fine.
And the Aibershter waiting for us to see the light.

Is this how it goes?
I wonder.

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mishmum said...

Need to perfect it when my mind is more perfect...
oysh will that ever happen?