Saturday, May 17, 2008

# B1367

I would do it.

I would inscrabe it into my arm.
I would like for all to see.
I would want for it to be remembered.

He did it to identify himself with his father.

I would choose Chatzhe Feigin, an uncle. To remember him.
To connect with him.

If I would -
then I should.
I should connect with him.
I should have him remembered.
The real way.
The Jewish way.
The Torah way.
I should keep him alive.
I should continue in his ways.
I should make him proud.


the sabra said...

im humbled.
very impressed.

(c.f. was an uncle?)

the sabra said...

this is really good.
its almost like the mesiras nefesh vs mesiras rotzon.