Sunday, May 11, 2008

A king with flaws...

There was a king.
He had one eye shut.
Was hunch-backed and one leg was shorter than the other.
He asked an artist to draw him, exactly the way he looked.
When the king saw the painting he sent him off to the gallows.
The artist had him with one eye shut, hunch-backed and legs uneven.
It was not a pretty king.
The king called for a second artist and asked him to paint a portrait of him.
"But be smart" he told the 2cd artist, "You see what happened to the 1st guy".
The 2cd artist shows his masterpiece to the king.
The king sends him off to the gallows.
He had drawn the king as perfect, without flaws. This is not what the king looked like.
Artist #3.
"Be very smart", warns the king. "You see what happened to the other two".
And smart he takke was.
AH! Beautiful. Truly a masterpiece.
And he rewards him well.

What did the portrait look like?
Don't bother guessing.

He painted the king on a horse - hunting.
One eye shut and back hunched - aiming.
Legs uneven - balancing on the horse.

Don't dwell on your flaws.
Don't ignore them either.
Make them work FOR you.
Use them to your advantage.

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