Sunday, January 11, 2009

JOY (5) Story

(Was not used.)

Every one of us can reach the spiritual power of joy.

There is a story of a chassid who once traveled to one of the Chabad Rebbes. He related to the Rebbe that his deceased teacher had appeared to him in a dream with a frightening message; that it has been decreed in Heaven that one of this chassid's children would pass away that year.

The Rebbe heard his words, sighed, and remained silent. Not a very positive reaction.

As it was shortly before the holiday of Sukkot, this chassid remained with his Rebbe till after the holiday.

When it was time for him to return home, he once again approached the Rebbe for a blessing.

This time, however, the Rebbe happily assured him that his family would be well.

And the Rebbe wanted to know what special deed this chassid had done.

The chassid recounted how during the Hakafot, when all the people were dancing with the Torah, he was standing on the side crying. Then, when he remembered that, after all, it was Simchat Torah! He washed his face and joined the dancing, ignoring his sad situation.

"You should know," the Rebbe said, "this is what caused the change in your situation."

The joy that this chassid produced, caused the decree against his child to be nullified.

Ah! The power of Joy.


the sabra said...

i so need this one

mishmum said...

Ah, so Boruch Hashem it served its purpose.

Anonymous said...

yes, if i remember it.

but actually, i believe that it enters your consciousness and even if i dont actively think about the story, it's in there somewhere and will help me when i need it. thank you very much.

mishmum said...

Good for you, ' .

Now I can say it WAS used.

the sabra said...

O wait, one sec--did you write that (was not used) before? I don't remember seeing it.