Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Och, love it.

Once a young Torah scholar visited Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk.

"Rabbi Elimelech," began the visitor, "we are both scholars, well-versed in Jewish law. Yet you have far surpassed me in your level of saintliness. What do you possess that I lack?"

Rabbi Elimelech pointed to the bowl of fruit displayed before them on the table. "When you want to eat an apple, do you make a blessing to G-d?"

"I certainly do!" the visiting rabbi answered.

"Ah – that's the difference! You see, when you want to eat an apple, you make a blessing. When I want to make a blessing, I eat an apple."

Chicken soup for the neshomo

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the sabra said...

Ya ya good one, know where I think I read it first? That "naar hayisi" book we have at home, white book..actually no, can't be from there. But I think you would like a lot of those stories...