Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What we have given away to another might be something we need, but it is finite. What we receive thru giving is priceless and infinite.

In medieval Europe a rabbi was appointed senior adviser at the royal court. At one point, the rabbi was asked to show the records of his holdings. The rabbi, a wealthy man, produced a list and hand delivered it to the king.

However, upon investigation it was discovered that many of his properties were not listed. The ministers brought this discovery to the king, and accused the rabbi of deceipt.

The rabbi explained: "When the king asked me to disclose my holdings I included only those properties and funds that I have donated to charity. Those are the holdings I know will always be mine. All other properties do not truly belong to me, for today they are mine and tomorrow they may be taken from me..."

Indeed, he who gives is in truth a recipient. For only through giving can we acquire those properties for eternity.


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Comes from the word deception.

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