Sunday, March 15, 2009

From Dr. G's email.....

".....just cuz I have something about the size of Montana trying to coexist in my brain stem.....".

"I'm filled with reality, overwhelmed by the caring and interest, and pained that I never really understtod any of this until now."

When I questioned what exactly is he pained about, his response:

"What pains me at this point with all of these wondrous revelations is that once I've passed thru the portal of understanding I realize that it is the purity of the essence of what is and was always there.
The depth of what was already there is still there only now I am overwhelmed by its pure magnificence of strength so readily and willingly shared on my behalf by others. Now that I am aware of it means that I never even gave it a second look until now. How many of those deeply profound moments have come (my) our way, benefited us, and passed unnoticed? What a loss. The true depth of human emotion, the gift of Hashem. The tears of joy that flow from me make me aware that alive beyond the breath. I simply cannot contain the pureness of that flow of energy. It is the original truth that connected us as children that allows us to connect and heal now as adults.
It is pure joy. It is a simcha that happens best in the arena of the internal calm that is Ain Ode Milvado. "

Refuo shlaymo for - Eliezer Mordechai halevi ben Chaya Sheina Rochel.

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