Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rosh Chodesh Nissan

Our Sages argued over when the Final Redemption with Moshiach will occur.

Will Moshiach come, and we will be redeemed, in the month of Nissan as our ancestors were redeemed from Egypt in Nissan, or will the Final Redemption take place in the month of Tishrei?

Will Moshiach come by virtue of the Jewish people's cumulative service of G-d over the last few thousand years, or will he come simply because G-d promised to redeem us?

According to Chasidic philosophy, the month of Nisan symbolizes the level of G-dliness that transcends our service. G-d took our forefathers out of Egypt on Passover despite their spiritual unworthiness.

By contrast, the month of Tishrei (Where we have Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur), is a time for returning to G-d in repentance and prayer. We are pretty much aroused to increase in our service to G-d and so our spiritual status is up there. Tishrei is a month that we are basically virtuous.

Those Sages who believed that our spiritual status is more important, said that Moshiach will come in Tishrei. And those Rabbis who believed that G-d's promise is the determining factor, said the redemption will occur in Nisan.

The actual rule is though that Moshiach will come because of G-d's promise. Which means we will be redeemed in Nissan.

But actually both sides had a valid point, for by the time Moshiach comes, the world will have already been transformed into an appropriate vessel for G-dliness - through our service, through our virtue.

May it happen immediately. Amen.

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