Sunday, June 17, 2007

leben mit der tzait -pairek daled.

( ya so i say it funnily.)

rabi masyo ben chorosh oimer :
"hevei makdim b'shloim kol odom"

that describes my "four foot friend" ! (well, not really four feet,two of them were hands. just joking)
aka A.S.
i was mamosh impressed when i witnessed that.
( i dont think mamosh is my kinda word.)
i was pleasurably impressed. ( a tad better, but not really.)
i was impressed. (okay, fine.)
nice lesson for me.

rabi meir oimer:
"al tistakel b'kankan elo b'ma she-yesh boi"

alte mayse,
but i saw it again today so therefore the oifmerkzamkeit. (did i just make that up?)
its very easy to misjudge a person by just looking at his/her appearance.
look inside of him/her (get to know them a bit) and you may be wowed at what is really inside there....
i know i was.

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