Thursday, June 21, 2007

soul to soul..... i guess...

she is usually shy -
he is not.

her face is perfect (keh bh) -
his is not.

she can hear (keh bh) -
he cannot.

she is pure, innocent, practically a baby -
he is not, he has been thru much.

they met.

she chatted with him -
he guessed what she was saying.

he talked and talked to her -
she loved it.

they took walks.

he bought her ice cream.

she cried when he left -
he is gonna miss her.

she is 21/2,
he is 22.

she called him the becher (bochur) -
he called her mushka.

she is my baby.
he was our guest.

t'was amazing to witness.
must have been soul to soul -
how else can we explain it?

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