Sunday, June 17, 2007

MY shmonei - esray

all tefillos are great, obviously, but with shmonei esray im kept busy...
i try to stay focused at least kzat, here are some of my stam thoughts during...

start off with a MUST to concentrate.
hashem, my lips... im going to daven to you now.

when i say ; elokay avrohom, elokay yitzchok, elokay yaakov... i think
hey, what about elokay d.l. ?? why cant He be called my G-d too ?

techiyas hamaysim, try saying that brocha at a shiva house... oy .

morid hatol, mashiv haruach... stay focused, stay focused is it summer winter ? here in l.a. we can get confused. how about in australia ?? totally confusing...

ato choinayn ha-doas..
oh i needs lots of that, where do you think i get all my chochmas from? this brocha !!
thank you hashem , and may you continue to give me cha'b'ad... and so i ask myself, or you can ask, what happens to all the times that i dont have that... well thats the aibershters fault, he didnt want to give me any that day....

stay focused stay focused...
slach lonu, ( i should be thinking about teshuva, right?) but instead, im thinking, tachnun? to klap or not to klap... hey at least my mind is still onto the davening and not what am i cooking for dinner.

ah, refoainu..
very nice, a chance to ask for the sick. unfortunatly there is usually a name i can stick in. do the emotionally ill, fit in here too?

boruch oleinu...
need to remmber the wine, esrog and what was the other thing? matzas ? or is it not esrog ,did i jsut make that up? ver veis..
moving right along.

teka teka b'shofar... oh wow blasting sounds. nice.

remmber to seperate, make a stop, between the klipos that can be "helped" and the the one that cant..

not bad, not bad, im still at the task at hand... didnt drift so far away yet...

ahh, yerusholayim.... yes ! now im thinking of the time i davened this IN YERUSHOLAYIM wah !! (is that considered going off?) es tzemach dovid..

now my favourite of the whole shemonay esray, we get to hack the aibershter with our personal stuff.
the list goes on and on...
and then Ki ato shoimaya tefillas kol pe...
ya.. He listens.. and sometimes it ends there.
nu nu, tomorrow i will demand again with a shtarkeit!!

uh yaaleh v'yovoy ? sometimes.

okay im lucky if im not way out of the court by now.
on the off chance that im still in, all i can think of is whats the difference of modim of chol and modim of shabbos?
the "vov" ( V'hamerachaim.)

........ the rebbes posuk
my posuk,
left, right, left ....

sheyibone bais hamikdosh....

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