Monday, November 12, 2007


Sof Dovor Hakol Nishma es Hoelokim Yoray v'es Mitszvoisov Shmor ki ze kol Ho-odom.
Meaning, this what we understand from everything is that we need to fear Hashem and keep his Mitzvos because this is the only point of the person, the only reason man was created.
As it is written,
Onoichi osisi eretz,V'odom Oleho Borosi.
Hashem, kavayochol, says, that the reason He created the earth, meaning brias ho-olom, is for odom, and odom means yidden. Like it is written, Vo-etno tzoini tzoin mareesi, odom atem. The Gemoro says Atem kruyim Odom. And so for the Yidden the world was created.
Breishis Borah Elokim Es Hashomayim....
Beis (2) Raishis, the Torah and the Yidden both are called Raishis, and so the World was created for the two of them, that the Yidden should learn the Torah and do It's Mitzvos and through that there is Kiyum Ho-olom.

Like it says in the Gemoro, that if the Yidden will keep the Torah, then good, if not then He will return it to Toihu Va'voihu.
The Medrash says, In what zchus is the world existing? In the Zchus of the Mitzvos, (eidus, V'hachukim, v'hamishpotim).
And this is what the Posuk means,
V'odom Oleho Borosi. the reason Hashem created the Odom, which the meaning of Odom is not only the Guf, but also the Neshomo, which she is chelek eloka m'maal.
The Guf without the Neshomo is called Bosor Vodom.
The Neshomo alone is called Nishmas Odom.
A Neshomo IN a Guf is called ODOM.
V'odom Oleho Borosi.

Borosi is b'gematria taryag.
B'riyas Ho-odom is in order that he be m'kayim the taryag mitzvos with yiras shomayim.
And it's written, V'hoelokim oso she'yiru milfonov, the inyan of Yiro comes from the name of Elokim dafka, therefore it says Es Ho'elokim Yiray.

Tachlis of Man - Torah and Mitzvos, for that was the condition of Hashem.
Odom = Neshomo B'guf.
Yiro from Shem Elokim.

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