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V'hinei, this is the obligation of the person that he should think about his Tachlis, for why Hashem created him. (You realize that I'm translating, hence the perfect English :))
And when the person sees that his whole life is epes nisht azoi, his behaviour is not the way it is supposed to be. Whether it is intellectually, or midos wise or his conduct is opposite of how it is supposed to be. That he is occupied with his Gashmiusdika and corporeal needs. And re spiritual matters he thinks very little of. Such behaviour brings the person to become 'fargrebt'. So if the person thinks about it with a clear mind, it will bring about a deep desire in him to do Teshuva and to (meshana zayn) change his ways, to conduct himself B'darkei Hatora V'hamitzva B'yiras Shomayim.
And this is then the meaning of,
"Soif Dovor, Hakol Nishma, Es Ho-elokim Yorai, (?) V'es Mitzvoisov Shmor, Ki Ze Kol Ho-odom."
This (our Torah and Mitzvos) is the ikur reason for Hahsem's uniting the Neshomo Ruchnius and the Guf Gashmi . Which is a unification of total opposites.

Oy , this is pretty hard for me. Hope you are following, because I can't think of making it into proper language....k shhhh, no talking in the middle.
Okay, so ya, total opposites...

It is a union of the very highest and the very lowest. Ochor V'kodom. ( not sure how to pronounce). Like it's written,"Ochor Vakodom Tzartoni", - "Of the last (lowest of levels) and the first (highest of levels) You have formed me."

Ochor is the lowest of the lowest levels, which is the guf of the person, for it is even lower than the guf of animals. In regards to the bodies of animals the chazal say that, "they were created in a whole and complete state." Whereas regarding the man's body it says, "Your eyes saw a shapeless mass."
And Kedem refers to the highest of highest, the Neshomo.
Hashem created the person from the highest level in ruchnius and the lowest level of chumrius(corporeal), which chumrious is more 'greber' (material) than gashmius.
Therefore we see that if ch'vs a person is so 'grob' he may behave more worse than a chaya ro'o. I already said,no commenting on the english.
And on the other hand the person has in him neshomo 'talents' which enables him to reach to the highest ruchnius'dika levels.
And how do we get to these lofty levels?? BY LEARNING TORAH AND DOING MITZVOS WITH YIRAS SHOMAYIM.
This is what it means,
Sof Dovor Hakol Nishma, that the person is a baal sechel, understands and hears how the existence of all creations declares/proclaims - Es Ho-elokim Yorai, fear Hashem and keep His mitzvos.

The end.

oh so the kitzur.

Hashem created man as a composition of ultimate chumrius and ultimate ruchnius.
Therefore man has chumri desires and can also attain the hightest levels of ruchnius thru shmiras Hatorah and Mitzvos with Yiras Shomayim.

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