Wednesday, November 21, 2007


....Malchus is Speech.

The inyan of Dibur is only for another person, this is the difference of thought and speech. Machshovo is for one self and Dibur is for another. (Since kingship is not for oneself but for ruling over another, hence Malchus - Dibur). Speech compared to thought is an illumination, But this illumination comes from a very high source.
The inyan in this is, that in every G-dly understanding, it's to bring him to Avodas Hashem. Which is also true regarding the general concept that all the creations is only a glimmer of G-dliness.
The worlds and creations were created with one word, like we say, "Boruch She-omar V'hoyo Ho-oilom.
And like the Mishna says, B'asoro Ma-amoros Nivra Ha-oilom, V'haloi B'maamar Echod Yochol L'hiborois, which is actually so, Hashem did create with one Maamar , the Maamor of B'reishis and the other nine are only an extension of that first one.
Testing Testing one two three. Just making sure that you are still reading this.
One should also be misbonen, ponder, how you are so not worth much and how trivial you are in relation to the whole universe, and high worlds etc...Yet,yet the person, you, is the ultimate reason for the creation of all the worlds! And from the day and hour that you were created, the malochim and Sfiros wait for your Torah learning !! Woah, huh?
So when the person considers the fact that he is the tachlis of everything that hashem created, it is all for him, like the mishna says Kol Echod V'echod Chayov Lomar Bishvili Nivra Ha-olam, then he will apply himself diligently to learning Torah and fulfilling the mitzvos.

Okay so, B'isvili Nivra Ha-olam, Olam - Helem, concealment.
Our bodies hide our Neshomo. We see the guf but not the Neshomo.
So this is the meaning of the Mishna.
The person says for me was created the (world) 'concealment' that through my learning Torah and doing Mitzvos the concealment will be removed and the Ohr of Hashem will be revealed!

Sifiras Hamlchus is dibbur, which is for someone else.
B' 10 Maamoros Nivra Ha-olam.
A person is the reason for creation, and the Chayos of all the worlds is dependent on his Torah and Mitzvos.


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