Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Are you depressed?

How many more people are gonna ask that??

Well, let's see.
I've been in bed for how long now?
I did venture out though today, never mind that I felt faint.

I did send Anne the flyer to the Soul Jazz festival, that made her happy -
maybe she'll go.

My appetite is not back though.
Which in a way i'm happy the more weight I lose the better, I guess.
The only time I not eat, is if I'm sick, very excited or busy.
I'm not excited and I'm not busy.
Laying in bed is called busy?

Mayn head not so sharp.
But I did write that Thankyou for Ma.
AND I even made B. change things cuz Ma liked my way better. Hmpf.

Vat else?
Made a wash, gave kids supper.
Laughed at Eliyohu's post.

Okay, I'm not depressed.
Just a little down, okay a lot down..
Thank you for asking.


Anonymous said...

s/o asked? u have friends!!

what soul jazz festival? u didn't send me no fliers. hey, remember how we got "chaim"'s friend to call anne? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

mishmum said...

Well, let's see, friends huh?
I think I have enough fingers(on one hand) to count them.
Da Judge.
Um...Um... oy ya -

Not SOOO funny for m'kotze el ha'kotze didnt wanna call...