Thursday, February 28, 2008


I enjoy brilliance.
It does me good to be around it.
I'm attracted to it.

Lessons in Tanya -
Brilliantly explained. I think.
Clear, concise, great choice of words.

I appreciate good choice of words.
I take such pleasure in it.

Dr. Goldberg -
A Yid.
Top surgeon at Jules Stein Inst. -Ucla
Waltzes in with students flanked at his sides, following him like puppies.
The air in the office is like, the czar himself has arrived.
His words are few, I beg for more.
B"H I'm not intimidated.
I realize he is just a human being
but a brilliant one.
I'm uplifted around him.

Dr. Kazimiroff -
I so appreciate when he explains the brain.
And everything connected, which is everything.
Draws diagrams for me - I really wanna understand.
I like to hear what he has to say.

Dr. Igasaki -
His clear explanations, his choice of words.
I like.

I'm not gonna mention every brilliant person I ever but....
Somehow I am drawn to one who has something brilliant to say, be it a concept, a piece of writing, or even a wit.
Ahh wit. Perhaps my favourite.

I enjoy depth and breadth.

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the sabra said...

igasaki is rather immature, no?