Monday, February 25, 2008


I am hurt.

Let me ponder on this issue.
Am I offended because I think I deserve better?
Am I hurt/upset because you are forbidden to do that?
Do you owe me anything?
No, no and no.
So why am I so sad at this?
Am I disappointed?
Is this something I didn't expect you to do?
Ya, disappointed would be more like it.
My hope, my desire, my expectation
was thwarted.
(My imagination was distorted.)
I didn't expect it, and was kinda unpleasantly surprised to discover the truth.
Stupid me.
Why do I hope for the impossible?
Why do I wish for the unhappenable?

Why do I get "cold" when I ask for "warm"?
Why do I get a "slap" when I ask for an "embrace"?
And why don't I get an answer when a question is asked?

When I cease to dream, I will not expect.
When I cease to expect, I will not get offended.

Gee, I feel better already.

1 comment:

mishmum said...

I am but so easy to appease.