Monday, June 25, 2007

Boruch hashem.... (part 1)

the neighbours left for the summer!!!
what a mechaya.
how can we keep them away for longer??
not nice of me. well its the truth.
free to open the kitchen door...
(and i can sing as loud as i want to)
and oh so peacefully quiet...
what a mechaya. bh.

i met tova's mother (tova as in freidy and tova)
(cannot pronounce last name.)
that was nice, so i was able to personally tell her
how special and beautiful her daughter is.
oy she was kvelling.

mendy had already had his booster shot,
so bh didnt have to shlep to do it....

why-aitch put a white shirt on today
and bh went to the direction of the yeshiva.
i have the shtempel from
"he is a very good boy".
(in an almost patronizingly manner)
as if i dont know my kid.
oy kids...

bh the choson, at his wedding, received my personal "mazal tov."
and as the deliverer reported back :
"he smiled from ear to ear."
so thats nice. bh.

i didnt run away today yet.
or do anything drastic like that...
yet.. ha ha...

remmber, no dessert till you say
three boruch hashems?
talking about remmbering..
do you remmber when a door is a jar?
oh boy
bh for fun memories.


the sabra said...

OMGG!! i JUST told cs about that!! the three baruch hashems. ha! and i made them all do it on sunday (while i was the pretend mommy--cleaning out the kitchen cupboards while the whole fam sat n ate dinner). two ppl said 'bh that chava came' hehe cmon im good.

and bh for yh ;)
and tis good u clarified which tova. and i thought u didnt like them..? i guess they try, and thats good enough...

and chana said to buy earplugs for when i go home.

and sorry all these comments are in a tzidreit order. (i just wouldn't want u to forget with whom you are dealing)

and that's AMAZING of you to send mazel tov. who'd u send it with?

and ya, a door is a jar when it's open :) (kinda like the big moron/little moron joke)

Anonymous said...

oh sabs you are good !!!
you rock!!!

Anonymous said...

yes i agree, the sabra is good.

Anonymous said...

chav you takke remmbered the bh's ? it thought you were so little then.
those were the days....ah, when i was young and patient and had great ideas... nu nu.
(no smart comment about contradicting or not..)

the sabra said...

and lol to brocha (it's spelled 'brocho' though). i nearly believed it!

and yes i remember it-sheesh we couldn't get our dessert till we said it, how could i forget!?

and i also remember u takin us to the beach durin skewl :)