Friday, June 15, 2007


i left moishy and sh.zalman to fight it out -
who was gonna take their aunt (their favourite one) to the ohel at
9:00 a.m. ?

moishy was zoiche.
he actually wanted to go too.
(and sh. zalman was gonna go later anyhow
on the way to mtl. with esty.)

we cruisin and shmoozin,
"so moishy, what you gonna do with yourself now?"

"well, summer, camp. then i would like to settle down.
and start life."

"moishy, whats life ?"

(im expecting him to go into some philosophical shmaydray.
or the 'life is a magazine' shpiel.)


(is that another word for getting married?)


the sabra said...


o i miss them. im in my own world here.

the sabra said...

o and tell him that marriage is not a word, its a sentence.

he better get it-after all, hes from unzereh.

the sabra said...

aaaaaaaaaand talk about moishe-what'd u think of the speechever rebbe?

mishmum said...

ooooohhh ersht NOW after seeing its origin, do i get it.
very good,
you funny.
i like.