Wednesday, June 13, 2007

THE museum

finally ran thru it...
enjoyed nonetheless.
now i can say i was there.

theresa - who wants to write an essay on jewish life. (yesh " hava amina" that i was rude to her).
ashira's brother - who is missing a costume. (and is rude for interrupting).
m and m - who um...
e and m - who banged a teakettle.
yakov - who recognized the bait hamikdash.
the water guy - who called a web a back.
and some others ...

shavuos and the
the clock.
i want one.


the sabra said...

"who ate my shabbos hat, musta been the dictionary..."

something like that?

Anonymous said...

more like
"oh you're back?"

Avi said...

u have a frickin good memory, too, you know that? It took me a couple seconds to get "ashirah's brother whos missing a costume..."

mishmum said...

how about the "tour guide" ready with his camera at the challa tunnel...
that you remmber?