Thursday, June 14, 2007


m'inyan linyan b'oto inyan..

chanie: d.l. you wanna come to the museum with us?

d.l. : no, was there just this morning. thankyou.

chanie: not that one. the jewelry one. right up the block at 744.

d.l. : oh

chanie: we just look.

nomi : no i cant go, for if i show any interest in a piece, he tells my husband...

d.l. : ( makes a face) kzat confused. is that a negative thing?

nomi: oh ya then he'll buy it for me.
d.l. : (makes a face) very confused. is that a negative thing?

i dont claim to understand everyone and everything.

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the sabra said...

btw, my husband is JUST like that. believe me, it gets annoying.