Wednesday, June 13, 2007


so lets say the name of the game is 'Simcha'
dos heist to be happy at all times..
for, to be happy when
you win the lottery
or when things go your way
or when you feel accomplished
or when you used your time wisely
or when you made a right choice
or when you ate something yummy
or when you said or heard something funny
or when your mama sends you money get the idea..
then that is not a chochma.
the chochma is to be happy when ...
things dont go the way you thought they would
or when someone insulted you
or when you are feeling lonely
or when you would like to be someones friend but they aint reciprocating
or when you dont feel so great
or when the aibershter gives you a zetz
or when you end up with a lemon, a rotten apple or spoiled tomato
(or rotten and spoiled kid) get the idea...

the chupa is about to start.
she waltzes over to me.
"..shh this is an eis rotzon,"i tell
her,"we can daven for whatever."
"simcha" she whispers to me.
"that is the support you gave me 5 years ago.."
(ani lo zocheret) "i said that to you?"
"what else did i say?"
"oh that only when im b'simcha will the brochos of the aibershter come"
and she thanked me.

i thought.

i thought.
didnt abaye say that too?
"smile, smile, ...."

(hey it didnt turn)

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the sabra said...

on my computer it did.
(i think that stam is gonna need an 'arms folded' equivalent or something)

and i emailed u my response/thoughts already.