Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To sing again...

Hearing the lilt of her canary's song, a fastidious house-keeper's attention was drawn to the bird's cage, which she saw immediately needed cleaning. She decided that it would be easy to clean the cage bottom with her new vacuum cleaner. Disregarding the frantic bird, she stuck the vacuum wand into the cage and was occupied with her task when the doorell rang. Startled, she raised the wand, and the nervous canary was sucked in. Alarmed and expecting the worst, the woman quickly turned off the cleaner and opened it to retrieve the bird. To her relief, he appeared okay. He was stunned, but otherwise none the worse for the experience. So she put him back on his perch, where he sat, songless.

Too often that's what happens to us in different situations: we are sucked in.

So how do you find your song again when you are still in the cage with the potential for being sucked back into the vacuum cleaner?


the sabra said...

wheres this from?
there are so many things to be learnt from it.

Anonymous said...

ya good book.