Thursday, October 25, 2007


A BROCHA is Milmaalo l'mato.
The "stuff" (brochos) is up there, it just needs to be pushed down.
THAT a Tzaddik can give, for he is higher than the source of where the Brocha is, hence he can push it down to us.
Hence the Tzaddik says, "The Aibershter should bentch you...."
D'haynu, it's there - just someone higher can push it down.

The Rebbe said, that actually any yid can give brochos too.

The Brocha works. Ayy, you didn't get it, you didn't see it...
That is your problem, the brocha needs a Keili to contain it.
(Mion ho-ora: it's all a brocha, sometimes the brocha is not what we think it is, or what we think we need or want...., lifamim the brocha is NOT having... therefore I wish for being able to SEE the brocha, revealed brochas, please and thank you.)

TEFILLA is Milmato l'maalo.
Coming from down here, from us, lower to higher.
Kol echad yachol l'hitpalel.
And if we have a need, it is a biblical command to Daven.
For that is what Hashem wants.
Tefilla is asking Hashem to create that what we want.
Meaning, it is not there, but we are asking/begging that it should be His will.
Yehi Rotzon.....

to be continued... maybe...

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