Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dear Diary, (Freindship)

Wonderful news!

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago my friend threw a “Good-Bye Party” for


Well, it wasn't actually a party,

it was more like one day her saying,

"Hey, DL, I think our friendship ain't a positive thing,

go find yourself another friend,

take a hike,

good-bye and good luck".

Well, she didn't really say, "take a hike"

But it felt like that.

I had enjoyed her friendship,

didn't want to lose her.

I was "down".

And very lonely.

And so I took a hike…

And on my hike trekking through sadness,

I found …Him!

I found my True Friend!

Actually, we were old acquaintances.

He knew me from beginning of time

And was always there for me.

I had never realized,

that He is my One and Only

BEST best Friend.

He is NEVER too busy for me.

I can call on Him day or night,

rain or shine.

When things are looking up, He is here to rejoice with me.

When life feels sad, dark or lonely,

He is the moon of my night.

He cries with me, laughs with me (mostly He laughs at me).

He makes me feel better.

He is my real Buddy!

I learned that He likes when I talk to Him.

He expects me to beg Him for things;

He appreciates my praises to Him.

I get “points” when I bless Him.

Extra points when I bless Him for the stuff that doesn’t seem right,.

Bonus points when I do anything for Him with joy.

He answers me in interesting ways.

Sometimes He doesn't even answer, or so it appears to me.


I have a guarantee from Him.

And I trust Him.

He told me, that He has opened an account for me, something like a custodian account.

He keeps depositing rewards for me, and when the right time comes they will be mine.

I get rewards deposited, when I perform His will,

Especially when it clashes with my will.

Knowing that I have this account,

helps me to be kinder than necessary.

I know that my account is growing when I bite my lips rather than answer my insulter.

I know my account is expanding when I am patient, especially when I am cranky.I hope to reach that level of doing for Him out of love and awe and not for the rewards.

I look up, literally and figuratively, to my Benefactor when I'm feeling down and He reminds me to smile.

He understands me.

He likes me,


Even though it may seem like He gives me troubles, pain, punishment and I am suffering,

He told me He loves me and it is all really good. Especially good for me.

And I believe Him.

Like when my three year old asks me for another

lollipop and I do not allow, She pleads and argues.

I smile but

Still refuse, saying for her own good I will not give her another one.

She starts to cry.

Why can't she have it?

Because I love her too much.

In her eyes, I am mean and heartless.

The truth, I am kind.

I am saving her teeth and preventing a sugar overdose.

She cannot comprehend that.

She needs to learn to trust me.

I understand her confusion.

When He gave me a gift that didn't "look" too pretty, He said, it's just the

wrapping, inside you will see it's a treasure. She is our "special child".

(I think of my account when I take care of her).

Special things come from high sources, and in descent to the world may

manifest in the form of suffering.

He helped me become aware of His great love for me, a love that is expressed

by, "running me through the washing machine".

The more I'm put through the wringer, my account swells.

I look up and wink at Him.

(Are the stars, Him winking back?)

L'chayim to

my new found Friend,

my Companion,

my Healer,

my Buddy!

I call Him,


My Father.

We call Him,

Ovinu Malkeinu

Our Father, Our King.

Can you beat having such a friend??

Now, it's time for a real party, a Welcoming Party, This time I will hike through the mountains of life with joy.

Now when I am asked if I am alive because I am alive,

or am I alive because a truck didn't run me over, I can confidently answer,

"I am truly alive"

For I have acquired for myself a REAL Friend.

My Father, Our King.

I don't think "friend" will show up to my party.

But I know she will rejoice in my discovery.

Oh, dear Diary,

Life is good.

Over and out -


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