Monday, October 29, 2007


Being the Moishe Oofnick that I was today, I couldn't decide what I wanted at the fish store.
I tell Mr. Fish Guy that I woke up tzukrochen today, therefore can't think what I need.
He thinks me is like that because I didn't have a good nights sleep.

Confirms that I speak Hebrew.
Baby wakes up every night.
Mom is tired.
"Dani, don't you ever hear the baby?! Does it ever cross your mind to maybe get up for him?"
"For sure I do", he says, "But,
Rabos machshovos b'lev ish, va-atzas Hashem - (sh') hee takum."


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the sabra said...

how do we know that vashti was fat?

"gam vashti (hamalka) asasah m'shtei nashim"