Friday, October 19, 2007

Davening. (Igerres Kodesh 24)

The Alter Rebbe condems those, who during Davening, engage in idle chatter.

Talking during Davening shows that we have no desire to behold the G-dliness that is revealed specifically during that time.

This insensitivity is described with a moshel from the Zohar.
How for years a king hides his majestic splendor behind locked doors; those of his subjects who have the saichel to value that splendor, eagerly wait for years on end until they are granted a glimpse of it; others are so narish and kinda chutzpadik that they show no interest.

The time of Davening is a precious time 'down here', echoing a favourable, auspicious time Above.
Above, the Alter Rebbe says, is a time of Mochin D'Gadlus, a time of sublime illumination in the upper worlds.
In order to receive the revelation which becomes possible at the time of Davening , that time needs to be used for meditation on the greatness of Hashem. But for this to work, the Davener still needs to make a window in his heart, so that the revelation that illuminates his mind during davening will radiate its warmth into his heart.

It is also a dishonor to the King, when we show Him that we do not care to delight ourselves in His glory and beauty , we care more to busy ourselves with our own needs, i.e. shmoozing (or thinking about other stuff).

So now when I Daven I try to think of the Aibershters vast treasures and how I need to stand before Him in awe, and concentrate on the Tefillos. And what chutzpa it would be for me to let the King of kings wait for me while I wander off......

Thankyou Sholom B. Wineberg

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