Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chanuka/Looking for Moshiach in Chanuka

Everything is connected to Moshiach and the Redemption. In fact, the Rebbe stated clearly that it is natural for a person who is involved every day in yearning for the coming of Moshiach to look for a connection to Moshiach's coming in every event he encounters.

This also applies to Chanuka. And since we are in the days of Chanuka it is appropriate to look at the Festival of Lights with "Moshiach eyes."

Since the Chanuka miracle took place in the Holy Temple, its celebration arouses an even greater yearning for the time when the menora will be kindled again in the Third Holy Temple.

Similarly, there is a connection between the above and this week's portion, Mikeitz.

When we hear the name Mikeitz, because we are constantly yearning for Moshiach's coming, we immediately associate it with the word "keitz" which refers to the time for Moshiach's coming.

Also on Shabbat, when the Haftorah will be read and we will hear the vision for the Menora mentioned, we once again immediately associate it with the menora of the Holy Temple.

Let us all join together on Chanuka this year in the lighting of the Chanuka menoras, large and small, public and private. And as we light the menora let us envision ourselves watching the lighting of the rededicated menora in the Third and Eternal Holy Temple.

The Baal Shem Tov taught, "In the place where a person wants to be, that is where he will be found." May we all be found together in the Holy Temple this Chanuka!

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