Monday, December 22, 2008

Reporting Live :

Police helicopter.
Tens of Police cars.
Policemen running to and fro.
Suspects face down on the ground.
Police guns' drawn.
Suspects in custody.
Tourist snapping pictures.
Helicopter checking, maybe one more suspect.
Street blocked off.
Suspects being identified, by potential witnesses.


One hour later:
Still searching for 4th suspect.
Brought the canines in to sniff.
Had them check out garage.
Officer asks to use restroom.
Neighbours cant go home.

Darkness has set in.
With no 4th suspect found, as of yet.

(And we gave them sufganiot.
The Police. Not the suspects.)


mishmum said...

Don't tell me that is not a gorgeous picture.

the sabra said...

LOLLL yes! literally! (from ur last line)

and neighbours, ah? c-a-n-a-d-a

picture's alright

scary to have him missing, no?

so sababa that he used our toalett, the police.