Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Which Tefilla is impossible to say without thinking?


the sabra said...

my immediate thought was 'ribbono shel olam' before sleep but then i thought of the 'tefillah you can't say in a shul' and e/o guessing asher yotzar lol and so i thought maybe i was wrong (unlike esther who thinks she's right when she guesses especially when she posts her guesses).

gut voch.

mishmum said...

Why cant you say "Ribono Shel Olom.." without thinking? I am sure plenty of people ramble it off with out thinking.

I thought the Shema, because after all, how can you not think before saying it? But was told that very possible to say that w/o thinking too.

Guess again.

And I forgot what can't you say in a shul?

the sabra said...

tefillas haderech