Saturday, September 27, 2008

Enter elevator.

Goyims: How are you, Imam?
Imam: Very good.


Me: I too am fine, thank G-d.
Thank you for asking.

Chuckle chuckle...

Imam Introduces us.

Goyims wants to shake hands.

Me doesn't.

Goyims excitingly remembers watching a program all about these things... wants to talk more to me...

Elevator doors open.... me exits.

Goyims catches me later in Lobby.

Interrupts me and imam talking.

Again with excitement...."is it true you need to cover your hair?...."

Me: "Yep, this is a wig I am wearing".

Goyim: "This is the first time meeting someone...

Me: "You want my autograph?"

Laughs, chuckles....

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