Monday, September 8, 2008

Why allow yourself to know the truth???

Suddenly my Russian host turns to me, looks me in the eye, and says, "I think you are a spy!"
"Why do you think that?" I ask in wonderment , at the same time thinking, What on earth?!
Look at your teeth," he replies, pointing at the rows of metal lining my pearly whites.
"Those are called braces, dude!"
"That's what you say. But I know that they really hold a radio inside them that allows you to transmit anything that you want to wherever you want. It's a very sophisticated system, " he said, as if impressed, "but nobody pulls something like that over Boris. You are a spy, is what I'm thinking."
What a nutcase, is what I'm thinking.

What are you going to say to someone like that?
He knew the details, had the entire plot figured out, and the fact that he was totally off base made no difference to him at all. Why allow yourself to be ruled by reality if you can just as easily live in a world of fantasy?

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