Monday, September 1, 2008

The nimshal is clear

The king is going to test the devotion of his people, his nation.

King will drop a feather from his palace window.
On whomever the feather lands, he will be zoche to be the king's korbon. (Yes, he will die, for the king's sake).

All gather below the window.
Shouts of, "Long live the king" can be heard.
The king gently drops the feather out of the window.
The people, the nation, are huddled together shouting with great devotion - "Long live the king!,
Long live the King!"
And the feather is slowly making it's way down towards the enthusiastic crowd.
As the feather reaches the heads of the shouting citizens -
you see them raising their heads -
the feather
from them,
between shouts of: "Long live the King".

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