Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pulling up to the front of the Federal Detention Center...

Me: "Where can I park?"
Guard #1: "Down the street, make a right on Temple St...."
Guard #2: "Or, you can turn around and park in the lot across the street."
Me: "Oh great thank you. Can I turn around right here?"
Guard #1 : "Um it's illegal, but hey I'm not telling you what to do". And laughs.
Me: Laughs.
Guard #2 : "I wouldn't do it, too many ("cops", I think he said I couldn't hear well) around here."
Me: As I'm about to make the U-turn, "What better place to do something illegal than right here in front of this building."
And we all laugh.

I make my turn.
Walk back.
Wave to the guards and enter the building.

An hour later.
I'm walking out the building.
Waving to the guards across the plaza.
Yelling, "Never make any illegal turns!!"


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