Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Federal Detention Center

Are you ready??

If they were wrongly accused or there b'shogeg then this might be okay to say.....

Ki sovoi...
"You shall go to the place the Eternal your G-d will choose" - a Jew must know that when he goes from one place to another, he is not going on his own, but is being directed from Above. And the intention and purpose in this is... " cause His Name to dwell there" that is, to make G-d known in the place to which he was Divinely led.

You are to utterly dedicate yourself to making G-d known there. How does one "make G-d known"? With a B'racha and a posuk of Tehillim."

I will bezrat hashem provide snacks and a Tehillim.


the sabra said...

o wow
can't wait to hear about it

mishmum said...

My system is shaken up from this experience.
And as you put it so eloquently,
O wow.
can't wait to tell you about it.