Wednesday, March 12, 2008


"Hashem made the sea dry land and the water split."(14:21)

QUESTION: Water normally flows, and only Hashem can alter the laws of nature and split the sea. The Gemara (Sotah 2a),says, that pairing two people in marriage is as difficult as splitting the sea, and the gemara,(pesachim 118a) says that earning a parnasa –livelihood- is as difficult as splitting the sea.

IN what way is marriage, and parnasah compared to the splitting of the sea?


When the yidden saw Pharoh chasing them into the wilderness, they formed a number of plans of action .One group wanted to have war with the Mitzriyim., another group advised leaping into the sea, a third said to give up and return to Mitzrayim, and a fourth said to cry and daven to Hashem for help. Nobody dreamt of the possibility that the sea would split and that they would march through bravely on dry land (see Michilta 14:13).

Often, young people think about whom they are going to marry. However, despite their plans, they meet their "bashert" in a totally unexpected way, and often one marries someone from a faraway place that they never even thought of.

The same thing, in earning a parnasa, one may have many plans and thoughts about it, but at the end Hashem often provides for him in an unexpected way, the source of his income.

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