Sunday, March 30, 2008

My mind

I now see the "light". B"h.
Wow, how can it be that before I absolutely didnt "see" it? How was I able to be so blinded? How was I so foolish? How is it that NOW I do see it? What changed? What happened? Did the One Above remove my cataracts?
How can one mind make such a drastic change? My mind. An interesting thing.
Now I'm so ashamed so disrobed so dishonored so embarrassed such a fool such an idiot.
What a loser. I am.
Perhaps if I didnt "see" the light, then I would still feel as if I had my dignity.
What's better?
Doesn't really matter anymore, it's not like I have the choice.

What an embarrassing fool I is.

Chocolate -
I was convinced it was good for me, for I loved it so.

I kept enjoying it and getting hurt along the way.
NOW I see that it ain't good for me.
I was fooled into thinkin' it was.
Silly me.

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