Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am utterly amazed at this woman's kindness. And I still cannot figure out why. Why is she so generous towards me? Why is she doing this for me? Telling me because my child is well-behaved and gives her not an ounce of trouble, is not a reason not to charge. To tell me that she has her parnossa... is also not a reason, one can always use more. I am so ... um... so... don't even have the words to express so what. Just so greatly amazed (ya, that's a good word) by this kind of kindness - well that would be pun intended - by this kind of altruistic behaviour.
I am filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming awe for such.
(It makes sense.)

AHHH, you see, c, now you not let a me to write in fluff manner anymore..... AHHHHH

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