Monday, March 24, 2008

Stam thoughts....

...need to make room in my head for other garbage...

Some people want to understand G-d.
I want to understand some people.
G-d I can trust.
He knows what He is doing.
And if I do not comprehend, nu..
I know there is His infinite wisdom and great kindness involved.
In G-d I trust.

But some people,
I shouldn't trust.
The truth is, I can't even trust myself to remember not to trust them.

I want to understand man.
Me included.
Why do I expect one thing and get something else?
Why when I think he is honest with me, he lies?
I know WHY he lies, but why DOES he?
Why do I think the neighbours are gonna be there for me, then they aren't?
Why do I even think we are friends?
Why did he say, 'no', when he said he was gonna say, 'yes'?
I mean I know WHY he said, 'no', but why DID he?
Why when I expect to be charged am I not?
And why when I don't then I am?
Why do I trust when it only brings disappointment?
Why do I forget that??
Why do people behave the way they do?
Why do some get offended for nothing?
Why when I'm offended, I think it's for something?

It is man I want to understand - not G-d.
G-d I trust - not man.

This I do understand :
When one wall comes crashing down on me, the other three walls will come down too, for how is it supposed to hold up?? So for sure if one wall is shvach then no doubt the other three will be shaky as well.
Do I even have a chance?

Turn off my "thinking", I guess.

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